Auto and Motorcycle Insurance: Are You Getting All of the Discounts You Deserve?

The old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” rings true when it comes to automobile and motorcycle insurance discounts. You may qualify for discounts that you didn’t even know existed – especially if neither party in the insurance procurement process asks. At Beck Curry, we are advocates for YOU, the client. For that reason, addressing potential discounts is standard practice when speaking to our clients.

Whether you insure with us or someone else, we are here to help you become an educated insurance consumer and manage your insurance proactively by demonstrating some discounts you may qualify for:

Good Student Discount
For those parents who are paying for automobile insurance for a new driver – you know every discount helps. Students who have a 3.0 GPA and higher may qualify for a Good Student Discount which can discount the new driver’s rate by 5-20%. Most insurance providers occasionally ask for updated GPA report to verify that they still qualify – but it’s generally a small task that’s worth the financial savings!

Driver Training
If a new driver attends a certified driver training program, discounts similar to the good student discount (although usually a bit smaller) will apply. Be prepared to bring certificate of completion and proof that you passed to your independent broker or to scan to your provider.

Motorcycle Safety Course Certification
If you purchase a motorcycle or three-wheeler, you may be privy to insurance breaks for attending a motorcycle safety course and getting certified. In Indiana, the essential training program is called “Ride Safe Indiana” and is conveniently scheduled at a variety of times and at locations on all sides of Indianapolis.
Upon completion of the courses, insurance providers may provide discounts of up to 20% on your policy.

Safe-Driver Discount
Discounts offered to the insured when no accidents or tickets have occurred over a certain period of time. Some companies start the discounts after only 6 months.
New “safe driver apps” you may be seeing or hearing about in the media are typically referred to as “telematics” programs. When you sign up for a telematics program, there is normally a small discount up front (usually around 5%) just for signing up. Once the program is completed, you can qualify for up to another 25-30%. The great news is that they can’t use any of the data to increase your rate. It can only be used to discount your rate.

Accident Forgiveness
While accident forgiveness is not an upfront discount, it can be packaged as a benefit that you may or may not want to take advantage of. Simply put, accident forgiveness affords clients one accident without any hike in your insurance rate. If you decide to go with an “accident forgiveness” coverage clause, it’s important to know that it is an endorsement that companies typically charge for – so it may not be “free”.

Different insurance providers may or may not provide the fore mentioned discounts – and it may substantially benefit you to find one who does. If you would like assistance sourcing an insurance provider where you can take advantage of these discounts, please call us at 317.272.0800 so we can review your policy and get these potential price breaks working for you!