5 Important Talking Points Between Parents and New, Teen Drivers

At Beck Curry Insurance Group, we’ve been customizing insurance solutions and assisting our clients through the claims process for almost two decades now.  As our experience has grown over the years, so has our ability to see repetitive patterns in teen driving behavior and mistakes made early on that can be expensive. We decided to compile them for you…so that you can arm yourself with the info and be proactive in talking to your teen driver(s).

  • Whether you are in a fender bender, minor, or major accident – the end result should always be the same:  CALL THE POLICE, take several pictures of the damage on both vehicles and/or property, and exchange information with the other driver involved.  You may be wondering why it’s necessary in a small accident. In these instances, if you drive away without having the police take a report, the other person involved may bend the story to their insurance company, undermine the less-experienced/teen driver, or be dishonest to cover themselves in the process. Sometimes, even the police will tell you that if the accident isn’t bad then they do not have to be there. As your insurance broker, we encourage you to insist, be patient, and wait for them to show to take account of the situation.
  • Any time the police make an accident report, it will be filed with the BMV who will in turn, want to know that the teen held insurance at the time of the accident. The next, pertinent step after being involved in an accident is to call your insurance agent.  Your insurance agent can take down any additional details needed and file a “Certificate of Compliance” to the BMV to prove your coverage. If you do not file a “Certificate of Compliance”, you will get a letter from the BMV alerting you that you have 10 days to get proof into their office. If that does not occur, your license will be suspended.
  • Limit distracted driving habits at all costs. No texting or handling phones, horseplay with passengers, or loud music that hinders your ability to hear your surroundings. On top of being dangerous, a single ticket for distracted driving will be reflected in your insurance rates – especially if it occurs in the first few years of driving.
  • In bad weather, please practice proactive safety measures with your vehicle. This means clearing all mirrors, lights and windows of condensation, ice or snow. We see many accidents occur that could have been avoided by taking just a couple of extra minutes to prepare before hitting the roads.
  • Focus on your grades. Why? Because “Good Student Discounts” can save you anywhere from 5% to 15% on your premiums. (And with teen insurance rates being salty…every bit helps!) Good Student Discounts are given to students who carry a 3.0 GPA or higher and several insurance companies request proof that you have maintained your GPA on an annual basis, typically before renewal.

If you have a teen who is getting ready to or has just received their license, give us a call and get peace-of-mind – knowing that you’re receiving the very best rates and coverage for your family.  Contact us at 317.272.0800 or info@beckcurryinsurance.com.